Department of Periodontology


The Department of Periodontology specializes in the study and treatment of gum diseases and supporting structures of the teeth. We provide comprehensive care, timely advice, accurate diagnosis, and appropriate treatment to our patients. Our services include screenings, oral prophylaxis, non-surgical and surgical treatments, and collaboration with other specialists. We prioritize patient care and integrate it into our educational activities. The department is known for its holistic approach to dental treatment and maintaining healthy periodontal support. We follow the PMDC criteria for undergraduate BDS Periodontal curriculum and provide training for postgraduate periodontology trainees.


The Department of Periodontology offers the following specialized services to address various dental needs:

Daily Oral Prophylaxis Procedures

Our team performs daily oral prophylaxis procedures to maintain oral hygiene and prevent the progression of periodontal diseases.

Non-surgical periodontal services ​

Non-surgical periodontal services involve scaling and root planing to remove bacterial deposits, while surgical periodontal services include procedures like gum grafting and pocket reduction surgery to address advanced cases of periodontal disease.

Daily follow-up and recall clinics

Daily follow-up and recall clinics provide regular monitoring and check-ups for patients to ensure consistent and ongoing periodontal care and maintain optimal oral health.

Dental screening services

Dental screening services offer efficient and timely assessments to identify potential periodontal diseases and determine the need for further treatment.

These specialized services are tailored to meet individual needs, providing effective solutions for a variety of dental conditions and concerns. Our mission is to produce oral healthcare providers with a holistic dental approach, capable of effectively managing patients with periodontal diseases and conditions.


Our dedicated team of periodontologists, along with our advanced technology and comprehensive approach, ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care for their specific needs and conditions.